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How to use

Just start it with docker. Image is based on gitea/gitea:latest, but you can assign following additional environment variables:

  • DOMAIN - domain used by container
  • ENABLE_SSL - feature switch, value not relevant
  • MYSQL_DATADIR - path to MariaDB data dir
  • MYSQL_OPTS - MariaDB mysqld options


MariaDB is automatically bootstrapped into /data/mariadb. To add additional my.cnf use --defaults-extra-file or --defaults-file to replace it compeletely.


Image supports using SSL with nginx which acts as reverse proxy for Gitea. It has embedded Lets Encrypt support with auto renewal. If you don’t have account.key script will generate it for you. Required files for cert are /data/ssl/cert.crt /data/ssl/cert.key .


There are a few tweaks to app.ini template. Most of them are around disabling unecessary logs and features that may lead to potentional exploit of installation.